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Flavor held to a higher standard

Keto-friendly, protein-packed snack sticks. Great tasting. Good for you.

TripleP Snack Sticks


Triple P Meats protein-packed snack sticks are made from all grass-fed beef and they’re seasoned with the finest organic spices—gluten free, no additives, no nitrates, no nitrites, no GMOs. They’re just good for you and good tasting. Slow smoked using a century-old process passed down from a special Dutch family tradition—they’re how snack sticks were intended. 

Original Beef

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Garlic & Onion

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Sizzling Hot

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We slow smoke our sticks for 16 hours

Our smoking process isn’t like most others. In fact, it’s nearly twice as long. And we take pride in that. Why sacrifice flavor for health?

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Our Customers

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LOVE Triple P meat sticks!! Great for keto diets, since they have NO sugar. And they are made in Wisconsin, which is an awesome bonus!

Gail B.

The onion and garlic taste great! Full of flavor and perfect for my backpack for when I go four wheeling. Definitely worth the money.

Manny L.

Triple P snack sticks are a new favorite in our pantry. Easy, on-the-go snack for both me, my husband, and my young boys. If you try them you'll be hooked!

Rachel B.

My wife and I tried the onion and garlic ones recently and they are delicious! They're fresh and clean, and don't taste oily or dry like other brands. They're perfect to bring with on a hike or for a day at the beach.

Scott C.

Great for school or work lunches and for people on the go! they are healthy, yet full of flavor!!

Brit P.

Super delicious great snack for anytime! Love em’!

Sue N.