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Q: Where are you located?

A: Our snack sticks are made locally in Central Wisconsin, but are available to purchase online only at

Q: How many sticks come in a package?

A: Each package has 8 individually wrapped sticks, in a resealable pouch, ideal for on-the-go! 

Q: Are Triple P Meats snack sticks keto friendly?

A: Yes, our snack sticks are protein-packed with zero sugars or carbohydrates.

Q: These sticks have dextrose listed as an ingredient. How is it a zero sugar product?

A: Dextrose feeds the culture used to smoke the product—that is its only purpose in our products. 0 grams of sugar in our finished product after 16 long, flavor filled hours in our smokers. Learn more about our process.

Q: How many ounces per package?

A: Each package weighs 8 oz with 8, 1oz. individually wrapped snack sticks.

Q: What type of casing are you using for these snack sticks?

A: Collagen casing which makes us acceptable with organic association requirements.